Fieldwork December 2015

Supported by the Scientific Committee of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage and the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, an interdisciplinary team of the CLEAR project spent 10 days of intense fieldwork at the oasis of Tayma in December 2015. Fieldwork was dedicated to two main tasks:

  • Excavation of a large stratigraphic trench in the northeastern part of the sabkha of Tayma in order to generate a second master profile of varved lake deposits. Sampling from the trench guaranteed a high number of seamless, unbiased composite profiles  for all working groups.
  • Systematic mapping survey of shoreline deposits along the highest Holocene lake level as these geomorphic or sedimentary features represent strong evidence for prennial lake conditions. Using precise DGPS measurements, remnant shoreline deposits were identified and mapped and sampled between elevations of 808-813 m above sea level all along the unurbanized western, northern and eastern palaeo-shores.

A small group conducted a survey to identify further potential palaeo-lake sites around the provincial capital of Tabuk, northwest of Tayma.


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