Annual Meeting on “Desert Margin Research”, Rauischholzhausen, 03-04 Feb 2017

The Annual Meeting of the working group “Desert Margin Research” of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie (DGfG) was held in the castle of Rauischholzhausen near Gießen on 03-04 Feb 2017. Project CLEAR was present with a poster gathering the most striking palaeobiological evidence for a the early Holocene lake as well as preliminary results of the shoreline survey.

The meeting provided the opportunity for several exiled Syrian geoscientists to report on the current situation of academic life threatened by the ongiong civil war, thereby dwarfing all the aspects of European academia that we consider as problems or deficiencies in our daily work.

Regarding the identification of shorelines of the contracting palaeolake at Tayma during the mid- to late Holocene aridisation, Peter Felix-Henningsen of the University of Gießen gave a fascinating talk about how he uses swamp ores and calcretes formed in shoreline positions in order to reconstruct a shirinking lake in space and time in Niger. In densely vergetated, flat lake-shore areas, vertical rhizoconcretions form through the accumulation of goethite. These swamp ores preserve the underlying sands and can be reliably dated by 14C. Unfortunately, these features have not yet been found at Tayma…

Poster presentation at the Annual meeting "Desert Margin Research"
Poster presentation at the Annual meeting “Desert Margin Research”

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